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Let´s get better together

There are many ways we can develop together. We can offer a sponsor package that fits your company, and there is also a great possibility to customize the sponsorship to fit your company just perfect. You are welcome to contact us at MJ Eventing if there are any questions!

horse truck

On the truck

Have your company name on the horse truck! The truck is out on the Swedish and European roads 40 weekends per year, visting all major equestrian competitions, which gives your company great exposure both on the highway and at competition and training arenas.

gear and equipment

On the gear

Have your company name on the blankets, jackets, saddle pads, ear nets and so on. Great visibility both live, on camera, on social media and traditional media such as newspapers and television and live broadcasting online. 

company horse name

Name the horse

We have a unique offer for our more dedicated sponsors to have their company name included in the beginnig of the horse name. This gives your company a big deal of visibility as every time the horse is mentioned in media, so will your company. Can you just imagine, when the horse enters the arena and your company name shows on the screens?!

social media

Let´s socialize

Get higher visibility on social media! We'll include your company in relevant hashtags and offers cooperation with sponsored ads on our channels with a great deal of relevant and engaged followers.

product development and improvement

Get better

Great products are the key to success, both for a company and for the equestrian sports. We offer cooperation in product developing, evolution and feedback and testing of your products.

Seminar and public event

Share the knowledge

Want to have your own expert? We offer seminars, lectures and talks with venting rider Malin Josefsson. Malin is a veterinarian and experienced rider with knowledge in health, mental development and much more. We'll find a solution that fits your compnay!

Connect with us

You are always welcome to connect or contact us at MJ Eventing. Visit the Facebook page, Instagram or send us a message, any way that suits you.

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